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Who is Kordel Fermin?

Kordel Fermin is a photographer/videographer from New York City. He specializes in tourism campaigns, personal video biographies, and music videos. Kordel’s interest in photography was sparked when he was just a 14-year-old kid in East New York, Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in a vibrant enclave of music and art, he sought to capture these moments for posterity. Over 25 years later, Kordel has established himself as the foremost videographer in Brooklyn. He is now relocated to Canada and continues to  create in Both NewYork and Canada . Whether working on individual projects or directing, shooting, and editing music videos, Kordel maintains the highest standards.

His other notable credits include:

• D’Chancellor “Wajank” video

Royal G’s dance class recap

DJ Bravo recap at Mazi nightclub

MX Prime at Mazi

Problem Child Music Videos and Recaps

• Encore

Lavaman recap videos and Photos 

• The"NEON Project"

• Ridin Out Car Show with DJ Magic

• Tribute to Hip Hop

Pantry Pooch Commercial Video

• Team Soca Promotional video.

Contact Kordel for recaps of your wedding, party, Carnival, or for personal promotional videos.

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